Cider-making terms in the Devonshire dialect – poster

£10.00 inc. Vat


This poster was produced by internationally renowned artist Simon Pope as part of Here’s To Thee, a joint commission between Arts and Culture, University of Exeter and RAMM to explore the more-than-human ecology and cultures around cider-making. It features cider-making terms in the Devonshire dialect, printed in white on a vivid ‘Candy Apple Red’ background. Far from being ‘lost’, some of these words are part of the everyday language of cider makers and drinkers; others come from historical sources that are in circulation among those with a keen interest in local foodways. ‘Together, they express the dispositions and concerns, the art and science, of Devon’s lively cider-making culture.’

  • Artist: Simon Pope, 2020
  • Size: A2 – 420 x 594mm
  • Printed in a limited edition of 200
  • Lithograph on 190gsm uncoated paper.