Seedball – bee mix tube

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The Seedball bee mix tube contains native bee-friendly wildflower seeds recommended by the Bumblebee Conservation Trust as being rich in easily accessible pollen and nectar.

A seedball is a mini ecosystem, protecting your seeds from birds, ants and slugs and giving them nutrition as they germinate and grow. As the wildflower seeds are encased in clay and peat-free compost, they are essentially already “planted”. Simply scatter onto bare soil or compost. The outer clay helps to prevent birds and insects from eating the seeds, keeping the seeds nicely protected.

Seedball are an award-winning non-profit company on a mission to help increase the abundance of British wildflowers and wildlife that depend upon them. ‘We believe that if we can all better use whatever space we have available to us (whether a back garden, balcony, window box, little patio etc) we can together have a hugely beneficial impact on our local ecosystems.’

  • Each pack contains 12 seed balls – coverage for 50cm2 in a garden or two to three 50–80cm pots.
  • Each seed ball contains approximately 30 seeds from a mix of Birdsfoot Trefoil, Foxglove, Red Clover, Viper’s Bugloss and Wild Marjoram. We’ve also added a sprinkling of pollinator-friendly annuals Chamomile, Cornflower, Corn marigold, and Night-flowering catchfly.